Best Yoga Eye Pillows for Soothing Savasana

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As a dedicated yogi, finding peace in the middle of life’s chaos has become very important to my health. In the middle of my practice is Savasana, the holy pose of relaxation that sends me into a deep state of happiness. The yoga eye pillow is an important tool that has changed how I do Savasana. It has become my favorite thing to use to enhance moments of peace and stillness thanks to its gentle pressure and soothing smells. Come with me as I look at the best yoga eye pillows that have made my Savasana practice better than ever.

I recommend carefully considering various factors when selecting the best yoga eye pillow for Savasana. Look for features like gentle pressure, light-blocking, and potential aromatherapy benefits, but always prioritize personal preference in the decision-making process.

  • Enhanced Relaxation: Yoga eye pillows provide gentle pressure to the eyes and block out light, enhancing relaxation during Savasana and other relaxation practices.
  • Aromatherapy Benefits: Many eye pillows are filled with natural herbs like lavender, offering aromatherapy benefits that promote calmness and reduce stress.
  • Versatility: These eye pillows are not limited to yoga; they can also be used for meditation, stress relief, headache relief, or simply for promoting relaxation anytime, anywhere.
  • Scent Sensitivity: Individuals with sensitivity to strong scents may find scented eye pillows overpowering or irritating, detracting from the relaxation experience.
  • Personal Preference: Choosing the right eye pillow involves considering factors like fabric, weight, scent, and size, as individual preferences vary greatly.

Blissful Being Lavender Eye Pillow

I feel calm when I lay down on my mat and prepare to enter Savasana. The Blissful Being Lavender Eye Pillow is with me all the way. As soon as I put it over my eyes, I feel calm and relaxed. Lavender’s soft touch and soothing smell wrap me in a comforting warmth that helps me forget about my worries and fall into a deep state of calm.

The wonderful attention to detail and high-quality construction of the Blissful Being Lavender Eye Pillow is what I love most about it. The soft cloth and the organic flaxseed and dried lavender filling are both made to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Its cover is easy to take off and clean, so it will stay an important part of my yoga practice for years to come.

Hugger Mugger Silk Eye Pillow

When I want a bit of class and luxury, the Hugger Mugger Silk Eye Pillow always does the trick. The smooth silk fabric feels great against my skin as I gently place it over my eyes. It quickly relieves any stress or tiredness. It’s filled with flaxseed and has just the right amount of weight to help me relax deeply, which makes it great for improving my Savasana practice.

What makes the Hugger Mugger Silk Eye Pillow unique is how useful and adaptable it is. Its light pressure and cooling effect always make me feel refreshed and ready to take on the world, whether I’m using it for yoga, meditation, or even to help me sleep. Its flexible strap makes sure it fits securely, so I can fall asleep without any interruptions.

ASUTRA Weighted Silk Eye Pillow

The ASUTRA Weighted Silk Eye Pillow has become an important part of my quest for focused relief and relaxation. It is filled with organic flaxseed and lavender buds, and it blends the healing effects of gentle pressure with those of aromatherapy. I feel a sense of calm and peace fill my whole being as I put it over my eyes. The stress instantly fades away.

The careful design and high-quality materials of the ASUTRA Weighted Silk Eye Pillow are what I like most about it. While I practice, the flexible strap makes sure that the silk cover fits perfectly and stays in place. Whenever I need to relax or just have a moment of peace, this eye pillow always makes it happen.

DreamTime Inner Peace Eye Pillow

When I need to relax and feel calm, the DreamTime Inner Peace Eye Pillow is my safe place. Made from soft, fluffy fabric and filled with natural aromatherapy herbs, it calms my mind and soothes my senses with its gentle pressure and pleasant smell. Its large size and shaped design give me the most comfort and coverage, making it the best thing to use with my Savasana practice.

The DreamTime Inner Peace Eye Pillow is unique because it is easy to use and works well. Flaxseed and natural herbs work together to make a comfortable weight that fits my face perfectly and helps me relax deeply and relieve stress. I always feel calm and peaceful when I use this eye pillow, whether I’m doing yoga, meditating, or just need a moment to relax.

Mavogel Cotton and Flaxseed Eye Pillow

You can count on the Mavogel Cotton and Flaxseed Eye Pillow to help you take care of yourself and feel good. The soft cotton and flaxseed inside make it feel good against your skin and help you relax. The natural cooling and gentle pressure help ease stress. Its small size and light weight make it great for use at home, at the office, or while traveling. This way, I can find peace of mind wherever I go.

The Mavogel Cotton and Flaxseed Eye Pillow is my favorite because it is simple and works well. The flaxseed’s natural features give it a lightweight that fits my face perfectly, and the soft cotton cover feels great against my skin. This eye pillow is always with me, whether I need to relax, unwind, or soothe my tired eyes.


  1. Enhanced Relaxation: Yoga eye pillows promote a deeper sense of relaxation during Savasana by providing gentle pressure to the eyes and blocking out light, allowing practitioners to fully surrender and let go of tension.
  2. Aromatherapy Benefits: Many yoga eye pillows are filled with natural herbs such as lavender, which offer aromatherapy benefits that can help to calm the mind, reduce stress, and promote a sense of well-being during relaxation practices.
  3. Versatility: Beyond yoga practice, these eye pillows can be used for meditation, stress relief, headache relief, or simply as a tool for promoting relaxation at any time of day, making them a versatile accessory for self-care.


  1. Scent Sensitivity: While the aromatherapy benefits of scented eye pillows can be soothing for many, individuals with sensitivity to strong scents may find them overpowering or even irritating, limiting their ability to fully enjoy the relaxation experience.
  2. Maintenance Required: Some eye pillows may require regular maintenance, such as removing and washing the outer cover, to keep them clean and fresh. This additional upkeep may be seen as a drawback for those looking for low-maintenance relaxation accessories.
  3. Personal Preference: Finding the right eye pillow that suits individual preferences in terms of fabric, weight, scent, and size can be a subjective process, requiring experimentation and potentially leading to disappointment if the chosen pillow does not meet expectations.


When I think back on my path to inner peace and self-discovery, I’m thankful for how yoga and mindfulness routines have helped me along the way. At the heart of it all, the yoga eye pillow has always been there for me to comfort and support me, helping me find peace in the middle of life’s chaos.

Everybody can find an eye pillow that works for them, whether they like the soft smell of lavender or the smooth feel of silk. By using one of these five best yoga eye pillows during Savasana, you can improve your experience and start a journey of greater relaxation and replenishment.

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