The Average Earnings of Yoga Instructors

Yoga instructors are among today’s most in-demand professionals because they help others de-stress while also remaining strong, flexible, and balanced. Teaching yoga can very well be a path for individuals seeking to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle while thriving financially. 

The average salary of yoga instructors is around $45,000 yearly. Those at the bottom of the pay scale earn around $33,000 and it’s $63,000 for those at the top while yoga teachers in high-end studios can even make up to $90,000 annually. These amounts can vary significantly depending on the yoga instructor’s hourly rate, teaching hours, and other factors such as location, class size, and level of experience among others. 

This article will explore the various factors that can influence a yoga instructor’s income and give estimates of how much they earn as they help their clients achieve physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

The average hourly rate for yoga instructors

The Average Earnings of Yoga Instructors

Considering their location, level of experience, and the type of classes they teach, yoga instructors typically make between $25 and $50 per hour. Those teaching more specialized or advanced classes can have an hourly rate of up to $100 while those who own studios and teach classes at the same time can even gain higher pay. 

When teaching private lessons, yoga instructors can earn a minimum of $60 per hour up to  a hundred dollars and may even be paid additionally to cover transportation and overtime.

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The number of hours teaching yoga

The exact number of hours yoga instructors work per week greatly varies and depends on several factors, which will impact how much earning will be made. Some yoga instructors have regular classes at certain times each week, while others might teach classes on an as-needed basis. 

On average, yoga instructors work at least 10 hours a week. The time they spend teaching or preparing for classes will depend on the particular studio and instructor’s schedule. Additionally, some yoga instructors may also take on private clients, which could increase the number of hours worked to up to twenty hours per week.

Regardless of how many hours are rendered, it is important to note that the more classes and hours spent teaching, the more potential income there is. That being said,  it is ultimately up to the yoga instructor to determine what their preferred working hours should be.

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Factors that affect how much yoga instructors earn

It is important to note that yoga instructors don’t always have a steady salary. Many work part-time or freelance and the amount they earn fluctuates greatly depending on the season, their teaching schedule, and the following:

The Average Earnings of Yoga Instructors
  • Location: The area of the country that you are located in can affect how much you make as a yoga instructor. Yoga instructors in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles, typically make more than those located in smaller states.
  • Experience: The level of experience and yoga instructor certification you have can impact your pay rate because seasoned instructors often charge higher rates than those just starting.
  • Type of classes taught: Different types of classes command different rates. For example, an instructor teaching a hot yoga class may be able to charge a higher rate than someone teaching a more traditional class.
  • The number of students: Class size can also play a role in how much you can earn. Generally speaking, the more students enrolled in your session, the higher your income.
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living in your area can also influence how much you can earn. If the cost of living is high, you may need to charge a higher rate to make a reasonable income. 
  • Supply and Demand: The supply and demand for yoga classes in your area can also determine your earnings. If there is a lot of competition in the market then you may need to lower your rate to attract more students.

The average salary of a yoga instructor is around $45,000 per year. Those at the bottom of the pay scale earn around $33,000 per year, those at the top earn $63,000 while those teaching in high-end studios can even make up to $90,000 yearly. These amounts can vary significantly depending on the yoga instructor’s hourly rate, teaching hours, and other factors such as location, class size, and experience level. 

While teaching yoga is one of the most beneficial professions, it is a job like any other. People do not dabble in yoga teaching solely for financial gain. But if yoga instructors are creative and resourceful outside of the studio, they should be able to earn a decent living.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is yoga a viable career opportunity?

Yoga is one of the most well-paid professions in the modern world. Surprisingly, you can make money from yoga without even starting a business. If you enjoy both helping people and practicing yoga, consider becoming a yoga instructor.

Why do people stop practicing yoga?

Although yoga is widely regarded as a rewarding exercise, it can be overwhelming and demanding at times, particularly for beginners. Instead of attempting to adapt and improve their postures, some people simply drop out of their first few yoga classes.

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