What Happens In A Private Yoga Class

If you’ve been practicing yoga for years or even if you’re just starting out, there comes a point where you might need private instruction. When you make that leap to taking your own private yoga classes, though, what can you expect from your teacher? 

When you take a private yoga class, you can expect your teacher to communicate with you about why you’re taking the classes and create a session schedule that fits within your wants and needs. At the start of your lessons, your teacher will start breathing exercises before moving into the movement portion, then finish off with meditation and discussion. 

While there are many similarities between a normal yoga class and a private yoga class, there are many differences as well. Read on to find out more about what you can expect in your new venture into private yoga classes. 

Before Choosing Private Yoga Classes, What Should You Do?

There are a few steps you should take before you choose your private yoga teacher, and just like a yoga studio, you need to find the best one for you. What should you look for in a teacher?

First, make sure that they’re acting as a business. There are many yoga instructors who do not see this as a business, and they really need to be functioning as some sort of business entity. That means they’re above board when it comes to insurance, permits, and their taxes—which is definitely something you want to make sure you have. 

What Happens In A Private Yoga Class

You also want to find the right teacher, and that could be a complicated process. Since you’re going to be learning one on one, you want to find someone you can truly connect with. So how do you find those teachers? You have to usually start by taking a structured class, or you can talk to anyone you know that might be taking yoga classes with a private teacher. Find out who your ideal teacher would be, and make sure you don’t settle—you’ll be spending a lot of one-on-one time with them, so you need to make sure you can learn and communicate with them. Private classes are for you to grow as a student, not take steps backwards along your yoga journey.

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What Should You Expect

When you finally find that perfect yoga teacher, there are some things you should expect within your private yoga classes. While some of these steps don’t take place each and every class, this is what you should expect within your first class with your private teacher. 

  1. Your teacher will (or should!) talk to you about why you’re taking private yoga classes in the first place. 

The first real step of your private yoga class is to communicate with your teacher. What does that mean? They should be asking you about why you’re moving to private yoga classes in the first place. Is it that you want more private instruction? Do you find yourself falling behind in a yoga class? Or is it simply because you have found a niche or favorite activity and want to focus more of your time and energy on it, rather than working with others in a class setting?

You can also ask your teacher about their journeys. Why did they start teaching yoga? What made them want to teach privately? What specific types of yoga do they prefer, and what other information do they want to share with you? Any of these questions and more should come up, as you need to foster communication between you and your yoga teacher. This is the best way to start your relationship as you begin your private yoga classes. 

  1. Your teacher will create a session schedule suited for your wants and needs. 

Once you’ve met with your teacher and you’ve considered all the things you want to achieve in your private classes, it’s time for them to create your schedule. It’s not just about what days they’re coming to teach you, but what they’re going to be doing within each class. They should be creating specialized routines and flows particularly for you. 

This also means that they’re going to need equipment. Whether you have it or whether they provide it, make sure you communicate with them about what you’re going to need in your private yoga classes. In addition to supplies, you’ll also have to figure out where best to have your classes. That means that you could have them in your home or theirs, or even in a private space at a local gym. No matter what you both decide, make sure it works for the both of you and is a comfortable, safe place for you to learn. 

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  1. At the start of your lesson, your teacher will start usually with breathing exercises.

These breathing exercises, known usually as Pranayama, are what start out your yoga sessions. This shouldn’t be any different than a regular class, so if you have taken yoga before, you should be used to doing this part of your class activity. Make sure you are staying fully present in the moment and you are grounding yourself before your session. 

One great thing about having a private teacher? They can help you learn how to breathe better. While this may seem like a strange concept, there are better ways to breathe—and that individualized focus can increase your ability to stay within the moment to better ground yourself for your yoga session. 

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  1. Your yoga instructor will start talking you through your movements or your flows. 
What Happens In A Private Yoga Class

While this is a large part of your class, it’s also the most specialized. Depending on what you want out of your yoga class, you can expect this portion to be your main portion of your class. Whether you’re walking through common yoga postures or starting into yoga poses, your teacher should show you how to do each one properly through your private class. 

A fantastic part about taking a private class is that your teacher will be able to help you get the most benefits out of each pose. They can help you make sure your posture is perfect and that you’re doing each pose the best you can—which you don’t always get out of a class full of people. That focus on you is what can make your experience that much better and easier. 

  1. Your teacher will lead you in mediation to end your private session. 

Once you’ve finished your session, your private teacher will lead you through the meditative posture Savasana, where you lay on your back and meditate on your yoga practice. This helps you focus on breathing once more and helps you to relax after your session. 

What’s great about this in a private session? You can communicate easily and quiet your mind when there is only one other person in the room. As you grow and shift in your personal relationship with your teacher, you can use this time to share the benefits of your lesson. 

For all intents and purposes, your private yoga classes mirror what you can expect from a normal class—except your private classes are just personalized directly to you. When you take a class, remember all the benefits that you get out of learning privately, including more focus on your personal goals, being less self-conscious, and reducing your anxiety. Private classes can also help you advance your goals in a more timely manner, since your teacher is strictly focused on you. If you have a tight schedule and still want to practice yoga, private lessons are a great way to do so. 

What Happens In A Private Yoga Class

What’s the biggest takeaway? Make sure you’re comfortable with your teacher and comfortable with the class you’re taking. That’s the biggest benefit of learning privately—you can get that specialized focus all while learning on your own time. Make sure you communicate often with your private yoga teacher to let them know what they’re doing right and what you want to focus more on, and you can get all the benefits out of your private yoga classes from day one. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is it to take a private yoga lesson?

Costs always vary when it comes to private yoga lessons, so make sure you are getting enough value out of your lessons before considering the costs. Depending on class length and intensity, teachers typically charge between $30 and $75 per hour, with lessons lasting from a half hour to an hour. Costs are dependent on the teacher’s expertise and your location. The larger your community, the more likely you will be spending more on your yoga classes. 

What equipment do you need for a private yoga lesson?

In most cases, as long as you have a space, whether it is in a studio or at your home, and a non-slip yoga mat, that is all you need for your private yoga lessons. If you need additional equipment, make sure you speak to your private yoga teacher to find out what you might need and whether it is provided.  

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