How Many Members Should A Yoga Studio Have

Owning a yoga studio is one of the most beneficial and gainful businesses out there. Along with the courses to offer, it is most important to run the business to be able to cover operating cost and other expenses. In order to actually make a living or just to break even, a yoga studio owner must meet and maintain a member quota. But exactly how many members is one studio supposed to have? 

A 20- to 25-foot-long yoga studio should be able to accommodate no more than 20 studio members. On the other hand, a 25 × 30-foot yoga studio should be able to accommodate no more than 30 people.

The aforementioned estimates may vary depending on the size of the studio, the number of staff, the initial expenditures of beginning the studio, and the total operational expenses. Aside from that, a course of action to better maximize a yoga studio’s space and to attract more studio members must be undertaken by a yoga studio owner.

The Ideal Number of Studio Members 

How Many Members Should A Yoga Studio Have

In general, factors such as studio size, staffing, and budget influence the number of members your studio should have. For example, if your studio spends more than it earns in a month, you obviously need to have more studio members. Also, if running your yoga studio requires a village, you need surely have more studio members because you will need to make so much to compensate for your employees’ effort.

To make things easier, consider the size of your studio when taking into account how many members it should have. After all, if you just have a tiny yoga studio, you can’t have so many members. Here are some basic estimations to get you started:

Studio SizeNumber of Members 
20 feet – 25 feet At most 20 members
25 x 30 feet At least 30 members 

If you have a larger studio, you can accommodate more yoga students than the figures above. Also, you should consider how you will distance each student when determining the number of members, you require. A minimum spacing of at least 2.5 feet to 3 feet between yoga mats, for example, would assist students in concentrating better owing to excellent sound isolation.

Additionally, consider how much you charge for your teachings. For instance, if you’re fairly new to the industry, it’s most likely that you’ll charge cheaper for your lessons. With that, you will really need to have more studio members than usual. 

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Optimize Your Space

Of course, if you have a small yoga studio, you can’t have too many studio members. Even more so if your studio is furnished or equipped with superfluous items. At this rate, you will need to optimize your space. 

To begin, you should prioritize creating emotion when decorating your studio. Iinstead of setting up lighting equipment that takes up too much area, utilize candlelight, particularly fragrant candles. Candlelight may improve your yoga practices in addition to being easy to store and taking up less room. In fact, scented candles can aid in the regulation of autonomic nerve activity.

Another fantastic option to save space in your studio is to utilize hanging plants instead of plants in large floor vases. This is an excellent substitute for other decorations that take up too much room.

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Ways to Garner More Studio Members

How Many Members Should A Yoga Studio Have

Now that you know how many members your yoga studio should have, your next step is to fill it. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Use Social Media Marketing: Use the most popular social media networks to reach out to more prospective clients. According to statistics, there will be 4.89 billion social media users globally in 2023. That’s why just publishing diverse material on social media will help you advertise your studio and attract new students.
  • Offer Special Programs: Provide exceptional discounts or promotions. You may host a special launch program that requires your regulars to bring a buddy. I’m sure that this will considerably support you in filling your yoga studio.


All things considered, a 20- to 25-foot-long yoga studio should be able to accommodate no more than 20 studio members while a 25 × 30-foot yoga studio should be able to accommodate no more than 30 people. How many members your yoga studio should have is determined by the following factors: the size of your studio, the number of employees, and the pricing of your sessions. For example, if your class cost is lower, you’ll need to have more studio members than normal.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How can you boost the revenue of your yoga studio?

There are various ways to increase your studio’s profitability, such as: 1) enticing yogis with specials, 2) using a straightforward pricing plan, 3) upselling, 4) making your regulars your brand ambassadors, 5) hiring only the best teachers, 6) selling additional items, and 7) leasing your premises.

What should a yoga teacher refrain from doing?

A yoga instructor should avoid the following behaviors: 1) skipping to introduce himself to the class, 2) neglecting to observe the class, 3) failing to cover the full class, 4) speaking too much, 5) preaching his own teachings and practice, and 5) practicing while instructing the class. 

How do you set up a home yoga studio?

You can make a great yoga studio at home by doing the following: 1) choosing a soothing color to help set the tone, 2) getting an awesome yoga mat, 3) incorporating some mood lighting or natural lighting, 4) adding lots of greeneries, 5) putting up some candles or incense, and 5) adding a mirror or two.

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