How To Best Promote Your Yoga Studio

You have hired the best teachers, found a super location, and designed a welcoming yoga studio. Now, you want to offer incredible yoga experiences to your new neighbors. As a yoga studio and practitioner, you understand the value of yoga. You know that by practicing yoga people can add balance to their lives. It is time to share with others the power of yoga. 

The best ways to promote your yoga studio include creating an online presence, writing content, optimizing internet tools, and revamping conventional promotional ideas. 

Yoga studios can be marketed using a number of different ideas. Maximizing the reach of the internet combined with revisiting conventional concepts will get your studio noticed. Continue reading for ideas on how to best promote your yoga studio. 

Creating an Online Presence

A website is a must on your to-do list. If you have a website, it is a good idea to review it at least once a year. You need to make sure that your website captures your brand. For many of your potential students, your website is the first impression that they have of you and your studio. Colors, fonts, images, and your brand’s logo should complement the ambiance of your studio. The goal of your website is to engage internet browsers, so they act and join your studio. 

Revisiting your mission and vision statement is a good step as you set up or revise your website. In addition to the aesthetics of your internet presence, who you are as a studio needs to shine. This will guide your decisions on developing and defining your brand. 

Websites need to be accessible on all types of devices. Your pages cannot just look great on a desktop; they need to be as awesome on a Smartphone of any size. Be sure to have friends and family try and access your website from different locations and devices. Accept their input and make changes that will enhance your brand. 

At the minimum, your website should include –

How To Best Promote Your Yoga Studio
  • Your yoga studio’s name
  • Logo
  • Physical address
  • Link to directions
  • Contact information -phone number and email address
  • Class schedule
  • Ability to sign up for classes
  • Membership information
  • Links to your studio’s social media accounts
  • Pertinent information about you and your staff
  • Information about what students should bring or not bring to class
  • Amenities available
  • A link to sign up for emails 
  • Endorsements from members

Your website must be visually appealing. Information for new clients must be readily accessible. If you are not conversant with website design, there are website builders that you can use to start your business. Since a great website is integral to your business, hiring a freelancer might be worth your investment. 

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Writing Creating Content 

Now that your website is designed, your next step to promote your yoga studio is to create content. An encompassing term, content is used to categorize information shared on your studio’s website. The basics you provided about the operations of your studio are part of the broad definition of content. 

Creating more specific content or information about yoga will work to increase your studio’s online presence, develop a rapport with your clients, and improve your marketing. Content can be part of your website, shared on social media, sent as emails, and/or available as hard copies. Types of content include –

  • Webinars
  • In-person presentations
  • Zoom meetings
  • Articles – newspapers, magazines, flyers
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Blog posts
  • Vlog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Website’s landing page
  • Newsletters
  • Memes 
  • Polls
  • Quizzes

You will want to reach a range of potential customers and seek to retain current customers, so a variety of approaches might best fit your needs. Tailor the content itself to match the optimal vehicle through which the information should be shared. 

When you create your content, you want to have a targeted message for each piece. Writing broadly about yoga will not capture the attention of your readers. Narrowing your topic to yoga for new parents will provide information for those customers or people searching the internet. The people searching the internet are potential customers for you. Even if they do not live physically near your studio, this market offers a great way to promote your studio. Having followers to your blog or considering adding online classes are just a couple of ways you want to explore what avenues the internet can open for you. 

Timely updates are essential to the content you post. This is your opportunity to showcase your knowledge of yoga and your passion for yoga. 

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Optimizing Internet Tools

How To Best Promote Your Yoga Studio

A fabulous website and informative content are essential components to successfully promote your yoga studio. Understanding how you can optimize the internet will allow you to reach even more students. 

  • Google Business Profile

Many tools that will help you optimize the internet are free. It is important that you access these resources. Adding your business to Facebook Business, Yelp, and Apple Maps will bring traffic to your website and highlight the location of your yoga studio. Google My Business has been reformatted and renamed by Google. Google Business Profile is a free tool available online from Google.

This resource combines the assets of Google Search and Google Maps. Your yoga studio will be displayed when someone is searching for local yoga studios or yoga studios near me. Once you claim your Google Business Profile, you can include your yoga studio’s location, contact phone number, hours that the studio is open, a brief writeup about your studio, pictures from your classes and of your studio, and any reviews from your current customers. 

  • Keywords

Another way to drive traffic to your website is the use of keywords. Google has algorithms that they use when results are displayed from a Google search. If someone searches for yoga studios, they will receive pages and pages of matches, well over 100,000,000. 

As a next step, most people searching will seek to reduce the number of results, so that websites returned to them are more relevant. Typing in a string of three to five words will usually result in a selection of websites that are more pertinent to the person conducting the search. So, instead of yoga studios, a person searching for your studio might search for yoga studios with beginner classes. 

Long-tail keywords or search words that match keywords used on your website will move your website toward the top of search engine results. When you design your website and add content, add in phrases that will better match the intent of the searcher. This makes it more straightforward for new clients to locate you and your studio. 

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Revamping Conventional Promotional Ideas

Certainly, the internet, its tools, and your website are essential to promote your yoga studio. However, do not discard traditional marketing ideas; they may need refreshing, but often you will reach new clients for your studio. Many of these approaches can be modernized by using social media or your website.

  • Supporting a Cause

Developing a community spirit is a great way for people to learn about your studio. Supporting a local cause will introduce you and your studio to others in the community. For example, you can offer a reduction on the cost of a class with a donation to the local food bank. Explore local charities or activities with your town’s school system and connect your studio with their events. 

  • Bring a Friend

Offer a special rate to your current students for bringing a friend to class with them. Once the friend or hopefully potential client is in your studio, you have a great opportunity to offer them a membership. This word of mouth will continue to spread from friend to friend. 

How To Best Promote Your Yoga Studio
  • Join with Other Businesses

Similar to supporting a cause, linking with other businesses is an effective way to expand upon the number of people who know of your studio. Connect with a gym that does not offer yoga. You and the gym owner can create joint memberships. Both businesses benefit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is website traffic?

Website traffic measures the number of visitors to your site, which is an important matrix to understand the effectiveness of your site. Measuring website traffic provides you information on the pages people accessed while on your site. Additionally, this measurement lets you know how long people stayed on your website. 

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate calculates the number or percentage of people who access your website, but they do not perform any action. Taking an action while on a website includes steps such as completing a form, purchasing an item or service, or accessing another page on your website by clicking a link. 

What is conversion rate?

Conversion rate provides you with the number of visitors to your website who complete an action. This information is calculated as a percentage of people who convert their searching and act on it. For example, signing up for a yoga class or requesting information about your yoga studio are conversions. 

What is click-through rate?

Click-through rate tells you how many times people who view your advertisement click on it. This number is calculated by dividing the number of times someone accesses or clicks through your advertisement by how often your ad is displayed.

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