Ten Awesome Yoga Business Names

Do you know why vegetarians like practicing yoga on a regular basis? That’s because it helps them in discovering their inner PEAS. That is one of the advantages of establishing a yoga business. It not only promises a profitable business but also a fun process of establishing one, particularly the part about idealizing a business name.

Ten awesome names for your yoga business:

  1. Aesthetically Asana
  2. The Place to Bend it Over 
  3. Relieving Your Body 
  4. Sun Next to You 
  5. Haven for Relaxation 
  6. Practice Blissfully 
  7. The Roots of Yoga 
  8. Practice for Freedom 
  9. Enlighten Deep Within
  10. Relax, Recharge, and Recover 

Coming up with an original business name may be a challenge. After narrowing your choices of names for your yoga business and before settling on the final one, check with your local or state government to see if your preferred name is still available for use and has not yet been trademarked.

Aesthetically Asana

Ten Awesome Yoga Business Names

This yoga business name is extremely memorable and will most likely help a yoga business attract more students, particularly those who want to practice and post on Instagram at the same time. This is owing to the term “aesthetically,” which is commonly used to relate to beautiful, pleasing, and Instagrammable photos.

The Place to Bend it Over 

This name is compelling, straightforward, and ideal if you really want to garner more yoga clients for your business. It’s essentially a declaration that “here is the place for every yogi!” You could also go with “The Studio to Stretch it Out,” or “The Place to Flex Your Body, Mind, and Soul.”

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Relieving Your Body 

If you want to assure your clients that you will provide yoga guidance that will absolutely help them relieve their bodies, this is the name for you. It’s something simple that can be easily remembered, and it exudes confidence, which can help yogis easily trust your business.

Sun Next to You 

If your yoga business specializes in providing hot yoga or infrared yoga sessions, then this is the name that you should go for. This name is super catchy, and really reassuring for yogis. You could also go with “Sun Right Next to You” to add more impact.

Haven for Relaxation 

This yoga business name is not only memorable but also really soothing to read or hear. It simply exudes a sense of pure relaxation. Also, it’s something that people can easily think of when looking for refuge or pure relaxation. Or you may opt for the simpler “The Haven.”

Practice Blissfully 

This is straightforward, catchy, and, most importantly, confident and professional. Reading or hearing this business name may lead one to believe that the teachers in that yoga studio are nothing short of professionals. This is due to the commanding tone of this business name, which is quite similar to Nike’s slogan “Just Do It!”

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The Roots of Yoga 
Ten Awesome Yoga Business Names

If you’re planning to establish a yoga business that primarily focuses on yoga workshops, then this is the yoga business name that fits to a T. Yoga workshops are usually done through theory discussion and practice of more complicated poses and promise yogis to go deeper into the practice. This is owing to the catchiness, and straightforwardness of this name, which can be easily seen just from the word “roots.”

Practice for Freedom 

This yoga business name is simple but pretty powerful. It’s effective in the sense that it exudes professionalism and confidence that the yoga business will literally and figuratively free the yogis from stress, from themselves, and so on. You could also use “We Practice to Free Ourselves” to add a feeling of togetherness.

Enlighten Deep Within

This business name is great because it directly relates to one of the essences of yogic practices, which is the development of self-awareness. It is simple to remember, authoritative, as well as exudes professionalism. For a more inviting feel, you may choose “Let’s Find Enlightenment Deep Within.” 

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Relax, Recharge, and Recover 

This business name is really great as it’s super catchy owing to the simple words used similar to the tagline Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.  Additionally, it stays related to the practice of yoga. You could also add the word “let’s” at the beginning to make this business name more attractive. 

Ten Awesome Yoga Business Names

The top ten awesome yoga business names are as follows: 1) Aesthetically Asana, 2) The Place to Bend it Over, 3) Relieving Your Body, 4) Sun Next to You, 5) Haven for Relaxation, 6) Practice Blissfully, 7) The Roots of Yoga, 8) Practice for Freedom, 9) Enlighten Deep Within, and 10) Relax, Recharge, and Recover.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you promote a yoga studio?

Some amazing marketing strategies include: 1) Invest in social media marketing, 2) Create a Google profile, 3) Create an email marketing plan, 4) Participate in neighborhood activities, 5) Host a yoga-themed event, 6) Use online resources like ClassPass, and 7) Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.

How do you obtain clients for your private yoga practice?

To get private yoga students: 1) Start with a warm market, 2) gauge demand from public yoga sessions, 3) receive recommendations from existing clients, 4) provide free trials to potential students, 5) create a website, and 6) launch online ads to obtain private students.

To learn more about starting your own Yoga Business check out my startup documents here.

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